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IKEv2 is also known as Internet Key Exchange version 2. It is an advanced VPN protocol that provides a balance between security and speed. It is an ideal protocol for mobile devices. 

The Remote ID is the server address and the Local ID is the VPN username.


The primary benefit of configuring L2TP with IPsec/IKEv1 in a remote access scenario is that remote users can access a VPN over a public IP network without a gateway or a dedicated line, which enables remote access from virtually anyplace with POTS. An additional benefit is that no additional client software is required. 

The L2TP/IPsec Secret is 321inter

Country City Server Address Status
Canada Toronto us-ca-tor.321inter.net Available
Russian Federation St Petersburg asia-ru-spe.321inter.net Available
Italy Palermo eu-it-syc.321inter.net Available
Hong Kong Hong Kong asia-hk2.321inter.net Available
Finland Helsinki eu-fi.321inter.net Available
Slovenia Ljubljana eu-si-lju.321inter.net Available
Ireland Dublin eu-ie-dub.321inter.net Available
Israel Tel Aviv asia-il-tel.321inter.net Available
Netherlands Rotterdam eu-nl-rtm.321inter.net Available
Canada Montreal us-ca-mon.321inter.net Available
United States New York City us-nyc.321inter.net Available
South Africa Johannesburg 2 za-joh2.321inter.net Available
Poland Warsaw eu-pl3.321inter.net Available
India Mumbai asia-in.321inter.net Available
Japan Tokyo 6 asia-jp6.321inter.net Available
United States Miami 2 us-mia.321inter.net Available
Australia Sydney 2 oc-syd2.321inter.net Available
Finland Helsinki 2 eu-fi2.321inter.net Available
Switzerland Zurich eu-ch.321inter.net Available
Japan Tokyo 2 asia-jp5.321inter.net Available
Australia Sydney oc-syd.321inter.net Available
Canada Vancouver ca-van.321inter.net Available
Argentina Buenos Aires sa-ar.321inter.net Available
United States Miami 3 us-mia2.321inter.net Available
United States New York City 2 us-nyc2.321inter.net Available
Japan Tokyo asia-jp4.321inter.net Available
Netherlands Amsterdam 2 eu-nl2.321inter.net Available
Portugal Lisbon eu-pt.321inter.net Available
South Africa Johannesburg za-joh.321inter.net Available
Brazil Sao Paulo sa-br.321inter.net Available
Netherlands Amsterdam 3 eu-nl3.321inter.net Available
United States Chicago us-chi.321inter.net Available
Thailand Bangkok asia-th.321inter.net Available
Sweden Stockholm 2 eu-se2.321inter.net Available
Spain Barcelona eu-es.321inter.net Available
Romania Bucharest eu-ro.321inter.net Available
Czech Republic Prague #1 cz1.ipcover.net Available
France Paris #1 fr1.ipcover.net Available
Bulgaria Sofia #1 bg1.ipcover.net Available
Bulgaria Sofia #2 bg2.ipcover.net Available
France Paris #2 fr2.ipcover.net Available
Czech Republic Prague #2 cz2.ipcover.net Available
United States Los Angeles #1 us1.ipcover.net Available
United States Miami #2 us2.ipcover.net Available
Turkey Bursa #1 tr1.ipcover.net Available
Netherlands Amsterdam #1 nl1.ipcover.net Available
Belgium Brussels #1 be1.ipcover.net Available
Russian Federation Moscow #1 ru1.ipcover.net Available
Italy Florence #1 it1.ipcover.net Available
Greece Thessaloniki #1 gr1.ipcover.net Available
Morocco Fez #1 ma1.ipcover.net Available
Philippines Manila #1 ph1.ipcover.net Available
United States Miami #4 us4.ipcover.net Available
Singapore Singapore #1 sg1.ipcover.net Available
Singapore Singapore #2 sg2.ipcover.net Available
United Kingdom London #1 uk1.ipcover.net Available
United Kingdom London #2 uk2.ipcover.net Available
United Kingdom London #3 uk3.ipcover.net Available
Germany Frankfurt #2 de2.ipcover.net Available
United States Chicago #3 us3.ipcover.net Available
Germany Dusseldorf #1 de1.ipcover.net Available
United States Los Angeles #5 us5.ipcover.net Available
Turkey Bursa #2 tr2.ipcover.net Available
United States Kansas City #6 us6.ipcover.net Available
Mexico Mexico City #1 mx1.ipcover.net Available
Indonesia Jakarta #1 id1.ipcover.net Available
Canada Toronto #1 ca1.ipcover.net Available
Indonesia Jakarta #2 id2.ipcover.net Available
Sweden Stockholm #1 se1.ipcover.net Available
Spain Seville #2 es2.ipcover.net Available
Spain Seville #3 es3.ipcover.net Available
Ukraine Kiev #1 ua1.ipcover.net Available
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