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Shopify Website Clone

Our client was running a business on Shopify and required a duplicate site, complete with all layout, products and functionality.

As Shopify Developers we can provide unlimited testing time ``free`` so we got to work

We extracted the current theme, products, settings and provided domain, email hosting. We cloned all the original information and then set up settings to match the original website.

  • Branding
  • Layout
  • Colour
  • Functionality
  • ecommerce
  • Payment solution
  • Shipping Settings
  • Product Attributes

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Hosts 365 are Shopify Partners, allowing you unlimited time to test!

We can create your site from concept, provide you with a clear and concise project plan and support you upon completion, contact us to find out more.

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Rapid turn around A++++, will use @hosts365 in the future for projects


Shopify Store Clone and Setup